Thailand: A Journey

I started a blog before I left for Thailand, but due to the lack of time, I never managed to update it. So here it is, my travels and experiences in Thailand.

How did I choose Thailand: I was sitting in a management and operations class at Washington State University, and one day the exchange students that just had come back the trip to Thailand the past summer came to promote the study abroad with pictures and theme song. Now for those of you that have seen the movie The Beach with Leonardo Dicaprio can guess what the song may have been, for those of you who haven’t seen The Beach, watch it. The song was Moby – Porcelain (Youtube Search: “Moby Porcelain Thailand”), and that brought me back to the movie. A beautiful secluded beach that could be all mine!

So after watching the video from the former exchange students I decided to apply. Throughout the entire process leading up to departure I was nervous, what did I know about this Southeast Asia country? The answer, nothing! I had only seen Thailand in movies, and because I was a Finance major, only a small snippet about the SE Asian market crash of 1997.

The great thing about taking a journey while still in college, besides the fact my Mom paid for the trip, was learning before the journey. One of our professors was from Thailand, so she gave us insight into the Thai culture and language. We studied for weeks and although we learned a lot of great information, the only thing I took from the meetings. , “Lot Noi Dai Mai”, which came in handy for bartering with the street vendors, because it means, make it cheaper.

When visiting a country, learn as much as you can from bloggers, friends and family, travel sites, wikipedia…. but don’t believe everything you read or hear, because it may not be true.

Also before you go look into the required vaccinations, one of the previous exchange students contracted Japanese Encephalitis, which is the swelling of the brain

I am also a huge Bond fan, island from “The Man With the Golden Gun”



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