Off to Thailand

The day had finally arrived to leave for Thailand, which was only a week after the final day of class.  I remember it well, because I was so nervous to be on the plane for 12 some hours that I woke up at 6 AM.  My flight wasn’t until 2AM the next morning, and it was delayed so I as up for almost 22 hours.  It wasn’t bad though, I think I was up for only about 3 hours of the actual flight.

I flew EVA Air, which at the time through Orbitz was $950 for economy, and had a stop in Taipei, Taiwan. This was also a first for me, this was the first time I had flow in a 747, and overseas. It definitely made me nervous because of how much runway it needed to take off, and the fact that we would be over ocean for 12 hours.  I really wish I had some time in Taiwan, because from what I read it is another amazing place to visit, sadly the layover was only 3 hours.

Arrival in Bangkok was a short 3 1/2 hour flight from Taipei, arrived at around noon Bangkok time. We got our baggage and found our first experience with haggling with a taxi/van to our hotel.  On the way to the hotel we incurred our first “monsoon” and even though it happens regularly there, it seemed like the streets were almost immediately flooded.  It was crazy to see that much ran in so little of time, and it only lasted 15-20 minutes.

Even though I got a lot of sleep on the leg from Seattle to Taipei, I was dead tired compared with others in my group.  I immediately got some food, called my Mom, and went to bed.


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