Bangkok Dangerous

Airport of dreams- Ok so it may not be the airport of dreams, but I remember thinking as I flew into Bangkok’s Don Mueang Airport, “Are you kidding me!”  There is a golf course in the middle of the runways. What do you get when you check in for your tee time, a cart and ear muffs? (I forgot to post this with the last post)

My First Full Day in Bangkok- Alright so Bangkok Dangerous is a little cliche, especially since the movie “Bangkok Dangerous” came out 3 years after my visit, but when you first experience a foreign country it is a little dangerous!  Not in the sense that you could get hurt, but in the sense culture shock, like traffic, respecting the culture and temples…..

So woke up the first full day in Bangkok to our hotels “American Breakfast”, which was interesting, because it was the first time I had ever seen Rambutan, Lychee, and other exotic fruits.  It was also the first time I had an omelet shaped like a football (American Football).

We stayed fairly close the the hotel the first day, there was a shopping/grocery store 5 or so blocks from the hotel, so we walked down and again saw some of the exotic fruits that we saw before, it was amazingly fresh and inexpensive.  We shopped around there in blistering heat and humidity and in no time the pool back at the hotel was calling our name.

Night Market – The hotel was conveniently located on one of the metro lines, so we went to the closest station and took the train to the night market.  We walked around and saw all of the knock-off clothing and wares.  I saw a ton of fake Rolex’s, DVD’s and shirts claiming a Hard Rock Cafe in Chiang Mai.  Even though it was geared toward tourists, if you dig far enough, you can find nice local goods, mostly wood products and other home decor type goods.  After an hour of walking around the night market, we decided to pull up at a local bar and sample the local brews, Singha, Chang and Heinekan were the favorites.  All in all a great day figuring out the vast metropolis.


2 thoughts on “Bangkok Dangerous

  1. Yes Amer I ate quite a few while I was in Thailand, and Lychees have become one of the favorite fruits. Rambutans are hard to find in Seattle so haven’t had one since my trip.

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