Chiang Mai University

CMU would be the place I would call my University for 4 short weeks.  You have to understand, we were there with professors from my own University, so it didn’t seem like I was a student at CMU.  Even so, we got a CMU student ID and had to dress in their normal school attire, Black pants, white button up shirt and a purple tie.  NO pajamas like you see back here in the states!!  Even though my professors from WSU were along for the journey, we still experienced a lot of local customs and teachings.  We met with the VP of the college to get his take on Thailand and South East Asia, several Buddhist monks, one from Australia and the other a native Thai.

The path to enlightenment begins with how you treat the world, so so one of the monks told us. He explained that Buddhism is not a religion, it’s a way of life!  Explained the Buddhist take on 9/11 as well as killing living organisms.  I thought it was interesting, because he explained how we as Americans live, killing everything in sight just to have fun or eat.  We weren’t brought on this earth to kill, and your progression to killing things starts small, first a bug, then a small animal, then a large animal, and finally another human being. In retrospect, it does seem that way, that you do have a progression of doing things, not just killing things, but how you treat people.  Learn more about Buddhism, because it won’t interfere with your religion, think of it more as an addition of how you live! Who knows, it may just help this World become a better place!!!


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