Phuket – Boat

After James Bond Island we set out to small island for snorkeling.  I had never been snorkeling before (in the ocean, pools don’t count) so this was exciting.  We stopped at an island that was no bigger than a football field, and that might be an overestimation.  We set out to snorkel near a reef that looked like it was home to thousands of different fish.  After a little snorkel a couple of us took off to walk around the island, it wasn’t much so didn’t take that long, but was a nice leisurely stroll on the beach.

After the boat ride back to Phuket, we were just in time for a sunset at Phrom Thep Cape, the most southern part of Phuket island. I’ve seen beach sunsets before (Maui), but never looking at a large Buddha on an island off the southern tip of Phuket.

That night the group decided to head up to Patong Beach to check out the night life.  The journey was only about 20 minutes from Kata Beach.  We hailed a van to take us and a little ways past our hotel we saw some people who looked they were looking for a ride so we asked the driver to stop.  We asked where the two were headed, they said Patong, get it that’s where we were going.  The two were from Australia, backpacking around Asia during summer break. More to come from Patong Beach it would not only be the place I stayed 2 nights before I left Phuket, but also some of the more interesting things and stereotypes people hear about Thailand.


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